Our areas of expertise:

We are a full service digital and creative agency - that means you can find everything you need in one place.

Product and packaging design

We can create anything from a simple label design to a completely original product and packaging design.

Our goal is to find the best way to visualise your product, to make it stand out, communicate and connect with your target audience.

Digital and 3D presentation - we create mockups for presentational purposes (marketing materials, websites) and final packaging design that is ready for printing and production.

Web design and development

Our websites and web applications are modern, beautiful and responsive - they will make you stand out from the crowd.

We create everything from a simple website to a complex e-commerce solution tailored specifically for your needs.

We also develop customised web applications from scratch, integrated into your website or connected to other software.

Commercials and 3D animations

We have expertise in Computer generated imagery, 3D animation and visualisation, video editing and post production.

Our skills include modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering. We use the latest Autodesk products, e.g. Maya.

For purposes of 3D animations we can do organic modelling, dynamic particle simulation, live-footage and 3D integration, raster/vector manipulation and matte painting.

Visual identity and branding

Starting with market research, we maintain an open communication with our clients and create a concept that will best communicate their goals.

With a strong visual identity, our clients are in a better position to increase revenue and strengthen the relationship between them and their customers.

For final production we are using Adobe software.

Mobile application development

We are doing both iOS and Android application development (covering applications for iPhone, iPad, Samsung phones and tablets and most other brands of phones and tablets).

We understand the nuances and prerequisites of mobile applications and that’s why we can make a design that will stand out and be perfectly user friendly at the same time.

3D modelling (all phases)

We cover all phases of 3D modelling for industrial production - from initial design to final mould.

After we receive a request, we make initial 3D sketches - then a client sends his feedback and we create a product prototype.

When a client approves the design, we make moulds and send them to production.

Illustrations and custom artwork

We create vector illustrations and artwork, raster or 3D, hand-drawn, hand-painted or combined.

We use our illustration skills not only when designing books or e-books - they are useful in advertising, label design, product manuals and many other types of promotional materials.

Illustration can be incorporated in any form of graphic, web or product design and give you the recognisability you’ve been searching for.

Pre-press (ready for printing)

We manage every process and procedure that occurs between the creation of a print layout, press approval and the final printing.

Our pre-press files are ready for printing. We adjust text and images for the creation of a high-quality print file.

Form of delivery to the customer is usually electronic, either a PDF or application files.

Product and model photo shoots

With our state of the art studio and photo equipment we can take perfect photos of products and create different settings for various purposes.

We also do highly professional photo shoots with a team of models, photographers, hair stylists, make up artists and fashion stylists.

We are also in contact with a few major modelling agencies and we can book a model according to your preferences.

Work sample:

AvantÂge la precieuse video presentation

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